Congratulations All Age 1 Soccer Team

Congratulations All Age 1 Soccer Team

Congratulations to National Sports All Age 1 Soccer Team and its sponsor, Merhi Living.

Under the captainship of Radwan Sabbagh, the team has flourished and reached semi-finals in every season over the last five years.

In 2018, the team was invited to participate in friendly games in Lebanon and, thanks to sponsorship by Merhi Living, the team was able to fly overseas and participate in outdoor and indoor soccer games.  The team played 4 outdoor matches of which they won 2.  They also won all the five indoor matches they played.

We thank the President and staff of the Tripoli County Council for the hospitality shown to members of our team and look forward to reciprocating that kindness in the future in Australia.  The invitation to participate in further friendly games in Lebanon has been extended to our junior teams and we look forward to a time when our junior teams will be able to travel overseas to participate in such games.

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